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WELCOME HOMES MAGAZINE is a FREE publication that helps real estate buyers and sellers connect. WHM is your premier source for Real Estate advertising in Southern California. We pride ourselves on providing quality advertising at the lowest price, while maintaining a dominant presence with distribution. When the other magazines or books say they are the best, we are out there being the best. 
Print media is what drives the internet, the consumer needs a place to start their search in order to find their home. The search starts with Welcome Homes Magazine being picked up where the consumers shop. Our main distribution target is grocery stores. There are between 8000 and 12000 shoppers weekly that pass through the doors of your local grocery store, and we are at the those doors. For less than $10.00 a day you can advertise your listings in 26,000 magazines per market, with No Contracts! 

Welcome Homes Magazine does not tie you into a long term contract to keep your business. We feel our clients should continue to advertise in Welcome Homes Magazine due to the strong leads and sales rather than a binding contract. We work very hard to promote our clients locally in print and nationally through our website. Our website showcases our advertisers and only our advertisers unlike other websites that boast about hundreds of thousands of listings on their site or link to many MLS' where you will only be lost in a sea of agents.

At Welcome Homes Magazine we know our job is to promote our advertisers in their local area and drive traffic through their websites. That is exactly what we do‚Äč.